Wesan Medical Equipment

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Wesan's Products and Services


Medical gas manifolds for systems and gasses, from dental and veterinary clinics up to the largest hospitals.
Alarm Panels
Digital multi-gas alarm panels with remote monitoring
Vacuum Pumps
Simplex regenerative blowers up to multiple screw vacuum systems
Air Compressors
Simplex up to multiple screw pump medical air compressors
Medical Gas Outlets
Gas outlets for all styles of manufacturers adapters.
Zone Valves and Area Valves
Individual area valves, all the way up to multi-valve zone boxes
Vacuum Regulators
Amvex and Precision Medical vacuum regulators for all types of applications.
Medical and industrial flowmeters for all facets of respiratory and flow control needs.
Medical and industrial fittings connections and adapters.



Medical gas and flow control equipment repair.
Gas systems surveys, verifications and outlet testing.
Product Testing
Quality and functionality testing of your products.
Manufacturing and Consultations
Custom equipment design and manufacturing, as well as project management and consultations.