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Medical Gas Outlets


We offer a wide range of patient connection equipment. From single wall outlets, to complete ceiling columns, floor pedestals, consoles, flat walls, and entire "panel walls".

These manufactures include Amico, Beacon-Medaes, Chemetron, Ohio Medical, Tri-Tech Medical, and others.

Connections are available to match your facility's standard, whether that be DISS, Chemetron/NCG, Medaes/Ohmeda/Ohio Diamond, Oxequip, Puritan, and Schrader.

Retrofit kits are also available for several older styles of gas connections.

Contact us before your next project and let us go over the system requirments with you.

We also test and repair all makes and styles of medical gas connections. Most are just simple repairs that we can complete around your schedule, or even train your personnel to perform in-house. Let us show you how to efficiently maintain your facility and save money.